Mindquest gives 5 stars to Seizing The Essence


  On Tuesday, ‎March ‎18, ‎2008, Lightword Publishing reviewed:

 SEIZING THE ESSENCE: A Value Cosmology for the Modernist  

                by Hamilton Priday





5.0 out of 5 stars "Blazing a new course toward man's autonomy"

"A new philosophy (Essentialism) includes and helps reconcile Judeo-Christianity and Eastern mysticism with a metaphysical concept of 'being'.  The book understandably explains Value and the dynamics creating our current reality conceptions.  This unbiased ontology is a model for the realization of a more reality-grounded society based on 'value sensibility'.  The author exposes our loss of value-sensibility, and the misconceptions stemming from the view that human individuals are products of biological/cultural evolution. 'Essence' offers a way out of misconception and aggression, blazing a new course toward our autonomy."


                       As recommended in the "Mindquest Review of Books" by Lightword Publishing.


Seizing the Essencea companion book to this website, expounds the dynamics of value that shape man's experience and make him a free agent in a relational universe.  By reconciling religion and spirituality with science, and replacing mysticism with Absolute Essence, this original cosmology gives credence to the morality of self-directed value, paving the way to an authentic society for our modern age.  You can order the book direct from the publisher Xlibris or from the Amazon bookstore at eBooksSeizing The Essence.




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