Mindquest gives 5 stars to Seizing The Essence


  On Tuesday, ‎March ‎18, ‎2008, Lightword Publishing reviewed:

SEIZING THE ESSENCE: A Value Cosmology for the Modernist  

    by  Hamilton Priday


        (Reproduced from Amazon Books listing)

 5.0 out of 5 stars  "Blazing a new course toward man's autonomy"

"A new philosophy (Essentialism) includes and helps reconcile Judeo-Christianity and Eastern mysticism with a metaphysical concept of 'being'.  The book understandably explains Value and the dynamics creating our current reality conceptions.  This unbiased ontology is a model for the realization of a more reality-grounded society based on 'value sensibility'.  The author exposes our loss of value-sensibility, and the misconceptions stemming from the view that human individuals are products of biological/cultural evolution. 'Essence' offers a way out of misconception and aggression, blazing a new course toward our autonomy."

      *As recommended in the "Mindquest Review of Books" by Lightword Publishing.


Seizing the Essence, a companion book to this website, expounds the dynamics of value that shape man's experience and make him a free agent in a relational universe.  By reconciling religion and spiritualism with science, and replacing mythical deities with Absolute Essence, this original cosmology gives credence to a morality of rational, self-directed value, paving the way to an authentic society for our modern age. You can order the book direct from the publisher Xlibris or from the Amazon bookstore at eBooks: Seizing The Essence.