Myth:  "Times have changed, and our social mores

               have to catch up with the changes."

Truth:   Time never changes . . . only values

     change,  and  people are the

  caretakers of their values.


Myth:  "We shall wage a Holy War to crush the      







Truth:  "Holy War" is an oxymoron.  All wars are    
.   The only moral justification for war is
            defense against a greater evil.



Myth:  "God willing, we will see peace in our 



Truth:   God creates.   But it is man's  will  that

            directs the course of human events.


Toward an Authentic Society . . .

'Since true foundation cannot fail

 But holds as good as new,

 Many a worshipful son shall hail

 A father who lived true.'

 Realized in one man, value has its rise; 

 Realized in a family, value multiplies; 

 Realized in a village, value gathers weight;
 Realized in a country, value becomes great;

 Realized in a world, value fills the skies.

 And thus the fitness of one man

 You find in the family he began,

 You find in the village that ensued, 

 You find in the whole world's multitude.

 How do I know this integrity?

 Because it could all begin in me.


    - Lao-Tzu, 4th Century B.C.

      (tr. by Witter Bynner, modified by HP)





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